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Social Media Guide

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.

In some cases, people will try social media marketing, yet it won’t work out for them for some reason. You can learn more every time you fail, and try again to make things happen. Actually, that scenario is completely common with most forms of marketing on the web. Even the most experienced Internet marketers have these things occur, regardless of the niche they are in. Relationship marketing, which is part of social media, is something that you have to embrace no matter what. If you are going to rank well in the search engines, it is very important that you do social media.

In most cases, you are much closer to the audience when doing social media marketing. It’s all about honesty and being real, interacting with your audience as the person that you really are, not someone fake or phony. So when you do this type of marketing, you need to always use your real voice when possible. We are not talking about how you sound, but how you feel, and expressing these feelings in a very convicting way. By doing this, you can actually brand yourself in a certain way, reflective of your business and your brand name. Depending upon how you do this, you will either attract or deflect audience numbers to some degree. But do not let that bother you because your audience will find you. Whether you use a business Facebook page or a copywriting device on your blog, this can all work in your favor. You should format your content, making it super easy to understand and process. Using a bulleted list, or a benefit list, can help you get this accomplished. Many people like to use sub headlines in the content to allow the reader to process what is written much more quickly. When you use those things skillfully, people will become more interested in your posts and articles. It will be so easy for them to read this information if you put sub headlines, allowing them to skim your content to figure out if it is something they would be interested in.

Social media marketing is something that many businesses do not discuss on a regular basis. Your customers should be part of this, plus you can network with business owners to drive even more traffic to your websites and blogs. Joint venture deals can be made on a regular basis, and it can open a lot of doors that would otherwise not be there.

Social Media Campaigns

How can social media change your business?

Before you spend any time or money on your marketing efforts, make sure that you have a clearly defined list of goals and expectations for your marketing campaign.

It is not a good idea to move too quickly through this phase. Clearly defined goals will keep you on track and provide milestones for tracking your marketing efforts success rates.

Simple Goals

  • Monitor company brand / name online.
  • Increase sales pipeline from online sales by 20% by end of year.
  • Increase search engine traffic to our site by 30% by end of year.
  • Reach out to customers via mobile devices and Twitter.
  • Establish expertise and mindshare of our business online.

The goals can be simple, just make them clear enough that they can be understood by your team. Lemon will assist you at each of the steps mentioned above to clearly define your goals and expectations out of the Social Media Campaign.

Create a Plan

The most difficult part of jumping into social media is finding programs that fit your business and which are effective in generating community around your brand. This is where Lemon will bring in their expertise to identify the right platform for the right brand.


Execution is the final but the most crucial part of the Campaign and has to be spot on and should be aligned all the time to the plan. In order for you to have success with your efforts, you must tie your social media programs in with as many applicable parts of your business as is humanly possible.

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