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Email Marketing Guide

Topic 1 Prepare a List

Give highest priority to your list preparation.

The best approach to build your list is to prepare a clean and opted-in list. Make sure every one on your list have given you permission to send them marketing emails. If not so, then you email may be considered as SPAM and are likely to be ignored by user or it may be reported as spamming.

It means you can not simply send message to everyone in your address book or to people who give you their business cards at various trade shows.

Topic 2 Improve Quality

A jumbo list can not be considered as the best list.

It is always better to have a small yet productive list of people who are genuinely interested in receiving emails from you than a jumbo list of junk recipients. You will always get a better result on clean and opted-in list as it is more productive. Always keep in mind the interest of the recipient vis-a-vis your products and services.

It is always recommended to build a clean and productive list by subscribing customers from your website. Always avoid buying/renting list from any third party vendor. Those contacts are already frustrated of junk/spam from different promotions. Rented list always cause you trouble in long run. This will also harm your reputation at large.

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Topic 3 Effective Management

Keep your contact list up to date.

Yakomail provides you with all necessary tools to keep your list clean and productive. We have various tools such as copy paste, database sync etc to keep your contact list upto date. We also provide detail reporting on subscribers action and automatic bounce management.

Topic 4 Segment your List

An effective and easy way to get more on ROI.

A segmented list helps you to trigger target campaign relevant to groups within your contact list. This helps you to reduce your opt-out ratio compared to pushing single message to everyone in the list.

Here are ways how you can segment your list:

  • Geographically
  • Demographically
  • By different activity

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